yoga towel

  • I LOVE Microfiber exercise towel! The fabric is something else , super absorbing, light and on the other hand seems to be dry all the time , does not smell from sweat even after a hard workout, Microfiber exercise towel different sizes are very versatile, you can chose what you need according to the workout or use.Highly recommended, well worth the Microfiber exercise towel
  • These microfiber Thin gym towels are perfect for the gym. I sweat A LOT when I'm working out. These Thin gym towels do the job, they are the perfect length to wrap around your neck and Thin gym towels super soft. Washed them 30 times and Thin gym towels still soft as ever.
  • This towel works well but the chemical smell lingers thru many washes. The colors are nice and the size is bigger than other brands. I bought this for travel because it fits in my carry-on. I would recommend this to others, in fact I liked it so much I ordered two more for my friends.
  • This is an amazing travel and backpacking towel! I have now used it on a month backpacking trip through Europe as well as a couple mountain adventures as well. It is lightweight and packs down incredibly small. It also comes with a hand towel which was a nice bonus as well! The included drying pouch and the way in which it can clip to branches and anything else was immensely helpful! All in all for the price point and what it offers this is an amazing towel and I can't recommend it enough! I ended up purchasing one as a gift as well
  • took this on a bike packing trip. Every day they had shower trucks to get cleaned up. the towel was large enough that I could wrap it around me easily and the hand towel was good for the clean up. It has a snap loop on 1 side and it would dry quickly so we could pack it up the next day. it is a little different to pat dry instead of rub dry but still works well. packs down to a compact size.
  • These will really make you rethink bath towels. I'm using it for camping. It's huge when unrolled and very compact when rolled up. Came with a washrag and is super absorbent. There is no compromise from the old terry towels. Feels a lot like a chamois.